Buy - Large selection of Butterfly table tennis bats including series like Addoy, Wakaba and Timo Boll at affordable prices. Other brands like Stiga, Stag, GKI, and Donic.

Butterfly Table Tennis Rackets

Timo Boll 500F
Addoy II F2
BUTTERFLYRs 1,070Enquire
Addoy 1000BUTTERFLYRs 1,580Buy Now
Addoy 2000BUTTERFLYRs 1,580Buy Now
Stayer 1200BUTTERFLY Rs 2,220Buy Now
Stayer 1800BUTTERFLYRs 2,570Buy Now
Stayer 3000BUTTERFLYRs 2,990Buy Now
Wakaba 2000 with 2 BallsBUTTERFLYRs 2,240Buy Now
Wakaba 1000 with 2 BallsBUTTERFLYRs 2,240Buy Now
Timo Boll 1000BUTTERFLYRs 2,390Buy Now
Timo Boll 2000BUTTERFLYRs 2,390Buy Now
Wakaba 60 with 2 Balls
BUTTERFLYRs 2,815Enquire
Timo Boll CF 1000BUTTERFLYRs 3,820Buy Now
Timo Boll CF 2000BUTTERFLYRs 3,820Buy Now

STIGA Table Tennis Rackets

Revtech 4 StarSTIGARs 3,780Enquire
Carbon Cr 3 StarSTIGARs 2,250Enquire
TenosSTIGARs 1,800Enquire
Prestige 3 StarSTIGARs 1,485Enquire
Prestige CR 2 StarSTIGARs 1,485Buy Now
Contact 2 StarSTIGARs 1,200Buy Now
Elite 2 StarSTIGARs 1,125Buy Now
Masters 2 StarSTIGARs 1,155Buy Now
Orion 1 StarSTIGARs 720Buy Now
PeakSTIGARs 665Buy Now
TornadoSTIGARs 470Enquire
ToledoSTIGARs 425Enquire
FightSTIGARs 280Enquire

GKI Table Tennis Rackets

Chelonz HybridzGKIRs 8,330Enquire
Euro JumboGKIRs 7,950Enquire
Euro SpintecGKIRs 6,095Enquire
Euro XXGKIRs 4,532Buy Now
Euro VGKIRs 2,390Buy Now
Euro HybridzGKIRs 2,200Enquire
Euro StarGKIRs 1,936Buy Now
Offensive XX (with Wooden case)GKIRs 1,746Enquire
Nano ForceGKIRs 1,550Buy Now
Offensive XXGKIRs 1,298Buy Now
Offensive RagoGKIRs 1,112Enquire
Kung-FU DXGKIRs 1,102Buy Now
Kung-FUGKIRs 970Buy Now
DragonGKIRs 896Buy Now
Dynamic DriveGKIRs 870Buy Now
BelbotGKIRs 844Buy Now
HitbackGKIRs 804Buy Now
FastoGKIRs 720Buy Now
Euro FastoGKIRs 570Buy Now
Kids SpecialGKIRs 540Buy Now
Ace ShotGKIRs 436Enquire
Kids StarGKIRs 196Enquire

DONIC Table Tennis Rackets

Waldner 300DONICRs 275Enquire
Waldner 400DONICRs 649Enquire
Waldner 500DONICRs 899Enquire
Waldner 600DONICRs 1,125Enquire
Waldner 700DONICRs 1,525Enquire

ADIDAS Table Tennis Rackets

AGF 10401ADIDASRs 760Enquire
AGF 10410ADIDASRs 770Enquire
AGF 10402ADIDASRs 915Enquire
AGF 10411ADIDASRs 1,040Enquire
AGF 10407ADIDASRs 1,150Enquire
AGF 10430ADIDASRs 1,300Enquire
AGF 10408ADIDASRs 2,150Enquire

INFINITE Table Tennis Rackets

SpinnerINFINITERs 400Enquire
The FlameINFINITERs 450Enquire
Flash-OINFINITERs 560Enquire
NisakuINFINITERs 800Enquire

Tibhar Table Tennis Rackets

Samsonov 1000TIBHARRs 895Buy Now
Drinkhall 1000TIBHARRs 985Buy Now
Samsonov 2000TIBHARRs 1,445Enquire
CCA 2000TIBHARRs 1,445Buy Now
Samsonov PowergripTIBHARRs 1,995Buy Now

Table Tennis Ball

Stiga - Club 40+ White (Per Box 6 nos)STIGARs 540Buy Now
Stiga - Optimum 40+ 3 Star White (Per Box 3 nos)STIGARs 420Buy Now
Stiga - Cup STIGARs 200Enquire
Stag - Peter Karlsson 40+ white (Per Box 3 nos)STAGRs 450Buy Now
Stag Premium 40+ 3 Star White (Per Box 3 nos)STAGRs 450Buy Now
Stag Supreme 40+ 3 Star White (Per Box 3 nos)STAGRs 405Buy Now
Superb Plastic ABS 40+GKIRs 456Buy Now
Euro Plastic 40+GKIRs 432Buy Now
DHS Double HappinessGKIRs 420Enquire
G-Star Plastic ABS 40+GKIRs 270Buy Now
Kung-Fu Plastic ABS 40+GKIRs 186Buy Now
G40+3-Star (Per Box 3 nos)BUTTERFLYRs 880Buy Now
3-Star OrangeBUTTERFLYRs 330Enquire
3-Star WhiteBUTTERFLYRs 321Enquire

Stag Table Tennis Table

SupremeSTAGRs 80,000Buy Now
International DX-1000STAGRs 57,000Buy Now
InternationalSTAGRs 51,000Buy Now
ChampionshipSTAGRs 40,000Buy Now
ClubSTAGRs 35,000Buy Now
SleekSTAGRs 29,000Buy Now

Stiga Table Tennis Table

Expert RollerSTIGARs 71,000Enquire
Premium RollerSTIGARs 55,000Buy Now
Action RollerSTIGARs 32,400Buy Now

Table Tennis Net Accessories

Model 113-B (Nylon)KAY KAYRs 99Enquire
NetINFINITERs 220Enquire
Net & ClampINFINITERs 550Enquire
Net Post ClipSTAGRs 700Enquire
Wooden CaseINFINITERs 550Enquire
Wooden CaseDOMESTICRs 600Enquire