Buy - Sports training accessories like, Balance board, Foam roller, Pushup stand, Massage Twister, Resistance tube at The Pavilion.

Fitness Accessories

Balance Board
Rs 700Buy Now
Wooden Handle V-GripMIKADORs 80Enquire
Spectra Handle V-GripMIKADORs 90Enquire
Foam Handle V-GripMIKADORs 100Enquire
VX 1115 Hand Grip or Forearm GripVECTOR XRs 130Buy Now
Fitness Hand GripCHAMPRs 150Buy Now
Plastic Hand GripCHAMPRs 150Buy Now
Hand GripCHAMPRs 175Enquire
Hand Grip or Forearm Grip
Rs 290Enquire
Adjustable Hand GripVECTOR XRs 299Buy Now
4505 Adjustable Hand GripAIRAVATRs 349Buy Now
Hula HoopMIKADORs 150Enquire
Pull Up BarMIKADORs 980Buy Now
Wall Mounted Chin Up BarMIKADORs 1,550Buy Now
Double Exercise WheelVECTORXRs 650Enquire
Ankle Weight Belt 1KgCHAMPRs 290Enquire
Ankle Weight Belt 2KgCHAMPRs 430Enquire
Ankle Weight Belt 3KgCHAMPRs 500Enquire
Yoga BrickVECTOR XRs 299Buy Now
Eva Yoga BrickCOSCORs 330Buy Now
HeadbandAIRAVATRs 99Enquire
Maxgrip Head BandBLACK PANTHERRs 80Enquire
Pro Cotton Head BandBLACK PANTHERRs 100Enquire
Sweat BandLEGENDRs 70Enquire
Maxgrip Sweat BandBLACK PANTHERRs 70Enquire
Pro Cotton Sweat BandBLACK PANTHERRs 50Enquire

Aerobic Stepper

Aerobic Stepper Extra LargeVECTORXRs 4,280Buy Now
Aerobic Stepper LargeVECTORXRs 2,840Buy Now

Elbow Sleeves

Century Sleeve - Black (Medium,Large)SGRs 219Enquire
Century Sleeve - White (Medium,Large)SGRs 219Enquire
Elbow Sleeves Junior (Small,Medium)APEXRs 138Enquire
Elbow Sleeves Senior (Small,Medium)APEXRs 380Enquire
Fielding Elbow SleeveAPEXRs 285Enquire
Classic Elbow Sleeves Junior LEGENDRs 250Enquire
Classic Elbow Sleeves SeniorLEGENDRs 270Enquire
Cool Arm Sleeves with Thumb HoleAIRAVATRs 199Enquire
Active Elbow Sleeves Skin ColorAPEXRs 175Enquire
Active Elbow Sleeves White ColorAPEXRs 175Enquire

Finger Sleeves

NeopreneAPEXRs 45Enquire
Finger Support (Pack of 10)VELOZRs 190Enquire

Foam Roller

Hard Massage Foam Roller(Grooved Small)VECTOR XRs 995Buy Now
Yoga Foam Roller Plain (45x15 cm)VECTOR XRs 749Buy Now
Yoga Foam Roller Plain (90x15 cm)VECTOR XRs 1,670Buy Now
Yoga Foam Roller Pimple Small (45x15 cm)VECTOR XRs 995Buy Now
Yoga Foam Roller Pimple Long (90x15 cm)VECTOR XRs 2,545Buy Now
Yoga Foam Roller Grooved (45x13 cm)MIKADORs 1,299Buy Now
Hard Massage RollerVIVARs 1,500Enquire

Gym Belt

Gym Belt (Medium, Large)MIKADORs 480Enquire
Contour Weightlifting Belt (Small, Medium, Large)EVERLASTRs 999Enquire
Thick Leather Weightlifting BeltTOPSUNRs 1,399Buy Now
Real Gym Belt Buckle TypeNLWRs 780Enquire
National Gym Belt Buckle TypeNLWRs 780Enquire
Gym Belt Velcro FittingNLWRs 910Enquire
Gym Belt Velcro TypeKEEPTOPRs 690Enquire

Gym Gloves

Netted Back Gym Gloves APEXRs 260Buy Now
Protecta Gym Gloves with Belt (Large)TOPSUNRs 446Buy Now
Protecta Gym Gloves with Belt (Extra Large)TOPSUNRs 446Buy Now
VX-450 (Medium)VECTOR XRs 500Buy Now
VX-450 (Large)VECTOR XRs 530Buy Now
VX-450 (Small)VECTOR XRs 530Buy Now
Pro Gym GlovesMIKADORs 440Enquire
SparkMIKADORs 510Enquire
Pro Gym Gloves with BeltMIKADORs 530Enquire
Nu-tech Gym Gloves with BeltMIKADORs 699Enquire
Ultra Weight Lifting GloveMIKADORs 699Enquire

Push Up Stand

JF-8001 Push-Up BarVECTORXRs 650Enquire
JF-8003 Push Up BarVECTORXRs 799Buy Now
New Push-Up BarBODY SCULPTURERs 940Enquire

REEBOK Resistance Tube

Level 2 Resistance TubeREEBOKRs 1,349Enquire
Level 3 Resistance TubeREEBOKRs 1,599Enquire
Level 5 Resistance TubeREEBOKRs 2,499Enquire

VECTOR X Resistance Tube

JF 1050VECTOR XRs 570Enquire
Dual Resistance TubeVECTOR XRs 549Enquire
JF 100 (Light)VECTOR XRs 649Enquire
JF 100 (Medium)VECTOR XRs 669Enquire
VX 230VECTOR XRs 849Enquire
Level 4 Resistance TubeVECTOR XRs 2399Enquire


8 Shape Exercise TubeCHAMPRs 180Buy Now
Level 1 Resistance TubeCHAMPRs 480Buy Now
Level 2 Resistance TubeCHAMPRs 560Buy Now
Level 3 Resistance TubeCHAMPRs 560Buy Now
Level 4 Resistance TubeCHAMPRs 600Buy Now
Exercise Tube Level 1 with Door AnchorAIRAVATRs 649Buy Now
Exercise Tube Level 2 with Door AnchorAIRAVATRs 699
Buy Now
Exercise Tube Level 3 with Door AnchorAIRAVATRs 749Buy Now
Exercise Tube Level 4 with Door AnchorAIRAVATRs 899Buy Now
11 Pcs Exercise Tube Set Model 2 AIRAVATRs 1499Enquire
Resistance TubeSPORTING TOOLSRs 799Enquire

Resistance Band

Exercise Latex Loop Band LightVECTOR XRs 145Buy Now
Exercise Latex Loop Band MediumVECTOR XRs 185Buy Now
Exercise Latex Loop Band HeavyVECTOR XRs 225Buy Now
Resistance Band Level 3CHAMPRs 330Buy Now
4505 Loop Band Light AIRAVATRs 150Enquire
4505 Loop Band Medium AIRAVATRs 170Enquire
4505 Loop Band HeavyAIRAVATRs 190Enquire
4505 Loop Band Extra HeavyAIRAVATRs 210Enquire
4502 Resistance Band LightAIRAVATRs 399Buy Now
4502 Resistance Band MediumAIRAVATRs 449Buy Now
4502 Resistance Band HeavyAIRAVATRs 499Buy Now


Delux Skipping RopeMIKADORs 105Enquire
Wonder Skipping RopeMIKADORs 140Enquire
Jump RopeANGTOPRs 179Enquire
4006 Digital Counting Jump RopeAIRAVATRs 699Enquire
Weight Adjustable Jump RopeAIRAVATRs 449Buy Now
Adjustable Skipping RopeAIRAVATRs 199Buy Now
Jump RopeAIRAVATRs 149Enquire
Jump RopeCHAMPRs 205Buy Now
Champ Jump Rope PVC Covered CabelCHAMPRs 210Enquire
Skipping Rope with Jump CounterCHAMPRs 240Buy Now
Skipping Rope with digital jump counterVIZAVIRs 530Buy Now

Support & Braces

Pro Grip Anklet (Free Size)LEGENDRs 250Enquire
Ankle Support VelcroMIKADORs 75Enquire
944 Ankle Support (S, M, L, XL)LP SUPPORTRs 395Buy Now
Ankle Support (S, M, L)VELOZRs 245Enquire
C9HEL5001 Elbow SupportCHAMPRs 95Enquire
Hydrodry Padded V9HEL5001 Elbow SupportVELOZRs 195Enquire
Neoprene Tennis Elbow SupportAPEXRs 242Enquire
943 Elbow Support (S, M, L, XL)LP SUPPORTRs 395Buy Now
Active Elbow Sleeves
APEXRs 142Enquire
Fielding Elbow SleevesAPEXRs 285Enquire
VNS-7205 Knee SupportVECTOR XRs 670Buy Now
Hydrodry V9HKC5001 Knee Support (M, L)VELOZRs 335Enquire
Nano Tech Knee Support (S, M, L, XL)VELOZRs 310Enquire
4-Fit Knee Support (S, M, L, XL)VELOZRs 245Enquire
C9HKC5012 Knee Support (M, L, XL)CHAMPRs 265Enquire
VNS-003 Elastic Knee Support (S, M, L)VECTOR XRs 330Enquire
941 Knee Support (M, L, XL)LP SUPPORTRs 395Buy Now
641 Knee Support (S, M, L, XL)LP SUPPORTRs 395Enquire
641 Knee Support (XXL)LP SUPPORTRs 415Enquire
706 Knee Support (S, M, L, XL)LP SUPPORTRs 1,235Enquire
708 Knee Support (S, M, L, XL)LP SUPPORTRs 1,235Enquire
Padded Knee Support (S)PROTEXRs 360Enquire
Padded Knee Support (M)PROTEXRs 380Enquire
Padded Knee Support (L)PROTEXRs 400Enquire
Shoulder Support (M, L)LP SUPPORTRs 1,450Buy Now
Thumb SupportMIKADORs 90Enquire
C9HTB5001 Thumb SupportCHAMPRs 125Enquire
Waist Belt (WB 10)VECTOR XRs 730Buy Now
Waist Belt (WB 20)VECTOR XRs 630Buy Now
Wrist SupportMIKADORs 75Enquire
Hydrodry V9HWR5003 Wrist SupportVELOZRs 185Enquire
Wrist WrapMIKADORs 380Enquire
Veloz V9AFT4021 Finger SupportVELOZRs 190Enquire
Cold/ Hot Reusable PackMUELLERRs 295Enquire
Ice Bag (M)LP SUPPORTRs 915Buy Now
Ice Bag (L)LP SUPPORTRs 1,150Buy Now
Pre Cut Kinesiology TapeCHAMPRs 500Buy Now
Square Type Padded Knee CapAPEX
Rs 135Enquire
Oval Type Padded Knee CapAPEX
Rs 415Enquire


Digital Magentic Massage Figure Twister
Rs 1,040Enquire
Massage Figure Twister
Rs 629Buy Now

Yoga Mats

EVA Yoga Mat 2x6 6mmMKRs 678Buy Now
EVA Yoga Mat 2x6 8mmMKRs 775Buy Now
Cloth Yoga Mat 2x6ftMKRs 1,150Enquire
4 mm Yoga Mat (Roll Type)VECTOR XRs 599Buy Now
6 mm Yoga Mat (Roll Type)VECTOR XRs 799Buy Now
15 mm Yoga Mat (Roll Type)VECTOR XRs 1,290Enquire