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55 cm Gym BallVECTOR XRs 790Buy Now
65 cm Gym BallVECTOR XRs 880Buy Now
75 cm Gym BallVECTOR XRs 1,030Buy Now
85 cm Gym BallVECTOR XRs 1,280Buy Now
95 cm Gym BallVECTOR XRs 1,670Buy Now
65 cm Gym BallREEBOKRs 1,800Enquire
56 cm Gym BallBODY SCULPTURERs 900Enquire
65 cm Gym BallBODY SCULPTURERs 1,539Enquire
75 cm Gym BallBODY SCULPTURERs 1,869Enquire
85 cm Gym BallBODY SCULPTURERs 2,080Enquire
89 cm Gym BallBODY SCULPTURERs 2,080Enquire
95 cm Gym BallBODY SCULPTURERs 2,400Enquire

HRS / AIRAVAT Gym ball

55 cm Gym BallHRSRs 910Buy Now
65 cm Gym BallHRSRs 880Enquire
75 cm Gym BallHRSRs 1,060Enquire
85 cm Gym BallHRSRs 1,250Enquire
95 cm Gym BallHRSRs 1,680Enquire
4504 65cmAIRAVATRs 899Buy Now
4504 75cmAIRAVATRs 949Buy Now
4504 85cmAIRAVATRs 1,049Buy Now
4504 95cmAIRAVATRs 1,149Buy Now
1KG Medicine BallHRSRs 680Buy Now
2KG Medicine BallHRSRs 870Buy Now
3KG Medicine BallHRSRs 1,300Buy Now
4KG Medicine BallHRSRs 1,490Buy Now
5KG Medicine BallHRSRs 1,760Buy Now
6KG Medicine BallHRSRs 2,080Enquire
4KG Medicine BallVIVARs 1,680Enquire
Pro Grip MB-101 1KgHRSRs 860Enquire
Pro Grip MB-101 3KgHRSRs 1,280Enquire

VECTOR X Medicine Ball

1 KgVECTOR XRs 660Enquire
2 KgVECTOR XRs 990Enquire
3 KgVECTOR XRs 1,300Enquire
4 KgVECTOR XRs 1,680Enquire
5 KgVECTOR XRs 1,950Enquire
5 Kg Double GripeVECTOR XRs 3,220Enquire
Viva 1 KgVECTOR XRs 730Enquire
Viva 2 KgVECTOR XRs 1,099Enquire
Viva 3 KgVECTOR XRs 1,449Enquire

VECTOR X Slam Ball

4 KgVECTOR XRs 999Buy Now
6 KgVECTOR XRs 1,149Buy Now