Buy - Large selection of Butterfly table tennis bats including series like Addoy, Wakaba and Timo Boll at affordable prices. Other brands like Stiga, Stag, GKI, and Donic.

BUTTERFLY Table Tennis Ply

Jonyer H-II ANBUTTERFLYRs 4,820Buy Now
Jonyer H - 11 FLBUTTERFLYRs 4,820Buy Now
Diode VBUTTERFLYRs 9,200Enquire
Korble FLBUTTERFLYRs 10,500Enquire
Tamca 5000 Sardius CarbonBUTTERFLYRs 15,130Buy Now
Primorac Carbon FLBUTTERFLYRs 15,250Buy Now
Hadraw SR FL
BUTTERFLYRs 15,400Enquire
Timo Boll Spirit FLBUTTERFLYRs 16,900Enquire
Sardius FLBUTTERFLYRs 17,850
Buy Now
Innerforce ALCBUTTERFLYRs 19,200Buy Now
Viscaria FLBUTTERFLYRs 22,300Enquire
Dimitrij Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC FL
BUTTERFLYRs 22,450Enquire
Timo Ball ALC FLBUTTERFLYRs 22,900Buy Now
Zhang Jike ALC FLBUTTERFLYRs 23,500Enquire
Marcos Freitas ALC FLBUTTERFLYRs 23,800Enquire
Fan Zhendong ALC FLBUTTERFLYRs 24,800Enquire
ZL Carbon Amultart FLBUTTERFLYRs 28,340Buy Now
Harimoto Tokozama Innerforce ALC FLBUTTERFLYRs 28,650Enquire
Garaydia ZLC FLBUTTERLFYRs 28,850Enquire
Mizutani Jun ZLC FLBUTTERFLYRs 29,900Buy Now
Franziska Innerforce ZLC FLBUTTERFLYRs 30,500Enquire
Tiago Apolonia ZLC FLBUTTERFLYRs 31,200Enquire
Timo Boll ZLC FLBUTTERFLYRs 31,900Enquire
Zhang Jike ZLC FLBUTTERFLYRs 32,850Enquire
Fan Zhendong ZLC FLBUTTERFLYRs 33,850Enquire
Viscaria Super ALC FL
BUTTERFLYRs 34,750Enquire
Fan Zhendong Super ALC FL
BUTTERFLYRs 35,250Enquire
Mizutani Jun Super ZLC FLBUTTERFLYRs 40,800Enquire
Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC FL
BUTTERFLYRs 47,500Enquire
Zhang Jike Super ZLC FLBUTTERFLYRs 49,200Enquire
Fan Zhendong Super ZLC FL
BUTTERFLYRs 49,800Enquire
Timo Boll 30Th Anniversary Edition FLBUTTERFLYRs 52,250Enquire

GKI Table Tennis Ply

Steel WoodGKIRs 4,800Enquire
Arylate CarbonGKIRs 4,650Enquire
New Jumbo CarbonGKIRs 3,120Enquire
Chelonz CarbonGKIRs 2,420Enquire
Euro ClassicGKIRs 1,680Buy Now
Carbon ClassicGKIRs 1,620Enquire
Euro PrideGKIRs 1,200Enquire
Euro JumboGKIRs 1,080Buy Now
Euro XXGKIRs 1,000Buy Now
7 ForceGKIRs 750Enquire

JOOLA Table Tennis Ply

Carbon Table Tennis PlyJOOLAEnquire

Tibhar Table Tennis Ply

ChampTIBHARRs 1,770Enquire
SmashTIBHARRs 1,945Enquire
Carbon ShotTIBHARRs 3,290Buy Now
Samsonov Premium Junior ContactTIBHARRs 3,295Enquire
Allround PlusTIBHARRs 3,995Enquire
Drinkhall Offensive ClassicTIBHARRs 4,390Enquire
Samsonov Stratus PowerwoodTIBHARRs 4,995Enquire
Samsonov Force ProTIBHARRs 4,655Enquire
InfernoTIBHARRs 4,995Enquire
Stratus PowerwoodTIBHARRs 4,995Enquire
Samsonov Force Pro Black EditionTIBHARRs 5,295Enquire
Stratus Power DefenceTIBHARRs 5,895Enquire
Balsa Fibretec 75TIBHARRs 6,295Enquire
Samsonov CarbonTIBHARRs 7,030Buy Now
Fortino PerformanceTIBHARRs 9,945Enquire
CCA DeltaTIBHARRs 10,575Enquire
Samsonov Stratus CarbonTIBHARRs 10,435Enquire
Drinkhall Powerspin CarbonTIBHARRs 11,995Enquire
H-3-9TIBHARRs 15,190Enquire
CCA Unlimited Arylate CarbonTIBHARRs 15,725Enquire
VS Limited Edition 25 Arylate CarbonTIBHARRs 17,975Enquire
SK Hybrid AC Arylate CarbonTIBHARRs 18,550Enquire
SK Hybrid ZC Zylon CarbonTIBHARRs 23,030Enquire
Fortino Pro SeriesTIBHARRs 22,595Enquire
Kinetic Speed ZCTIBHARRs 24,165Enquire
Nuytinck Hybrid ZCTIBHARRs 24,165Enquire

Stiga Table Tennis Ply

J.M.S ControlSTIGARs 900Enquire
All Round ClassicSTIGARs 6,800Enquire
Offensive ClassicSTIGARs 7,800Enquire
Clipper CRSTIGARs 9,000Enquire
Infinity VPS VSTIGARs 6,840Enquire
Carbo 7.6STIGARs 10,000Enquire
Hybrid Wood NCTSTIGARs 10,980Enquire
Carbo Crystal CC5STIGARs 11,160Enquire
Carbo Crystal CC7STIGA Rs 11,500Enquire
Rosewood NCT VSTIGARs 12,250Enquire
Rosewood NCT VIISTIGARs 12,900Enquire

ADIDAS Table Tennis Ply

Adidas Blade V 1.1ADIDASRs, 2,440Buy Now