Buy - Excellent strength training equipment's like weights, dumbbells, plates & rods - Rubber, Vinyl & steel at lowest and best prices in India.

Weight Dumbbells

Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 1 kgDOMESTICRs 100Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 2 kgDOMESTICRs 200Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 2.5 kgDOMESTICRs 250Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 3 kgDOMESTICRs 300Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 4 kgDOMESTICRs 400Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 5 kgDOMESTICRs 500Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 6 kgDOMESTICRs 600Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 7 kgDOMESTICRs 700Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 8 kgDOMESTICRs 800Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 10 kgDOMESTICRs 1400Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 12 kgDOMESTICRs 1680Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 12.5 kgDOMESTICRs 1750Enquire
Spiral DumbbellVIVARs 333/KgEnquire
Solid DumbbellVIVARs 470/KgEnquire
Soft Dumbbell JF-5003 (1Kg x 2 nos)VECTOR XRs 749Buy Now
Hexagonal Dumbbell 1 kgDOMESTICRs 230Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 2 kgDOMESTICRs 460Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 3 kgDOMESTICRs 690Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 4 kgDOMESTICRs 920Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 5 kgDOMESTICRs 1,150Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 6 kgDOMESTICRs 1,380Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 7.5 kgDOMESTICRs 1,725Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 10 kgDOMESTICRs 2,300Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 12.5 kgDOMESTICRs 2,875Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 15 kgDOMESTICRs 3,450Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 1 KgDOMESTICRs 190Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 1.5 KgDOMESTICRs 285Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 2 KgDOMESTICRs 380Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 2.5 KgDOMESTICRs 475Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 3 KgDOMESTICRs 570Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 4 KgDOMESTICRs 760Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 5 KgDOMESTICRs 950Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 6 KgDOMESTICRs 1,140Enquire

Weight Plates

Rubberised Plates Regular (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 25 Kg)DOMESTICRs 90/KgEnquire
Rubberised Plates Color (0.5 kg to 25 kg)DOMESTICRs 120/KgEnquire
Rubberised Plates Steering WheelDOMESTICRs 190/kgEnquire
Chrome PlatesDOMESTICRs 190/KgEnquire
Steel CollarsDOMESTICRs 40Enquire

Weight Lifting Rod

Weight Lifting Rod Chrome Plated With Rubber Grip 14"APEXRs 330Enquire
Weight Lifting Rod Chrome Plated 14"DOMESTICRs 460Enquire
Weight Lifting Rod Chrome Plated 2 FeetDOMESTICRs 470Enquire
Weight Lifting Rod Chrome Plated 3 FeetDOMESTICRs 640Enquire
Weight Lifting Rod Chrome Plated 4 FeetDOMESTICRs 930Enquire
Weight Lifting Rod Chrome Plated 5 FeetDOMESTICRs 980Enquire
Weight Lifting Rod Chrome Plated 6 FeetDOMESTICRs 1150Enquire