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Weight Dumbbells

Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 1 kgDOMESTICRs 100Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 2 kgDOMESTICRs 200Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 2.5 kgDOMESTICRs 250Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 3 kgDOMESTICRs 300Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 4 kgDOMESTICRs 400Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 5 kgDOMESTICRs 500Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 6 kgDOMESTICRs 600Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 7 kgDOMESTICRs 700Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 8 kgDOMESTICRs 800Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 10 kgDOMESTICRs 1400Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 12 kgDOMESTICRs 1680Enquire
Rubberised Dumbbell Regular 12.5 kgDOMESTICRs 1750Enquire
Spiral DumbbellVIVARs 333/KgEnquire
Solid DumbbellVIVARs 470/KgEnquire
Soft Dumbbell JF-5003 (1Kg x 2 nos)VECTOR XRs 749Buy Now
Hexagonal Dumbbell 1 kgDOMESTICRs 230Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 2 kgDOMESTICRs 460Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 3 kgDOMESTICRs 690Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 4 kgDOMESTICRs 920Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 5 kgDOMESTICRs 1,150Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 6 kgDOMESTICRs 1,380Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 7.5 kgDOMESTICRs 1,725Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 10 kgDOMESTICRs 2,300Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 12.5 kgDOMESTICRs 2,875Enquire
Hexagonal Dumbbell 15 kgDOMESTICRs 3,450Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 1 KgDOMESTICRs 190Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 1.5 KgDOMESTICRs 285Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 2 KgDOMESTICRs 380Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 2.5 KgDOMESTICRs 475Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 3 KgDOMESTICRs 570Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 4 KgDOMESTICRs 760Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 5 KgDOMESTICRs 950Enquire
Chrome Plated Dumbells 6 KgDOMESTICRs 1,140Enquire

Weight Plates

Rubberised Plates Regular (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 25 Kg)DOMESTICRs 90/KgEnquire
Rubberised Plates Color (0.5 kg to 25 kg)DOMESTICRs 120/KgEnquire
Rubberised Plates Steering WheelDOMESTICRs 190/kgEnquire
Chrome PlatesDOMESTICRs 190/KgEnquire
Steel CollarsDOMESTICRs 40Enquire

Weight Lifting Rod

Chrome Plated Weight Lifting Rod With Rubber Grip 14"APEXRs 330Enquire
Chrome Plated Weight Lifting Rod 2 FeetDOMESTICRs 470Enquire
Domestic Chrome Plated Premium Quality Dumbell Rod With Collar 14"DOMESTICRs 600Buy Now
Domestic Chrome Plated Premium Quality Dumbell Rod With Star Nut 14", 25mmDOMESTICRs 600Buy Now
Chrome Plated Weight Lifting Rod 3 FeetDOMESTICRs 640Enquire
Chrome Plated Weight Lifting Rod 4 FeetDOMESTICRs 1,345Enquire
Chrome Plated Weight Lifting Rod 5 FeetDOMESTICRs 1,652Enquire
Chrome Plated Weight Lifting Rod 6 FeetDOMESTICRs 1,500Enquire