The Hindu A Big Blow To Businesses Small And Large

A big blow to businesses, small and large


In a year, not very often does an entertainment spectacle engage 40,000-50,000 people in Chennai.

But IPL matches involving the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) team in the city have always lured thousands of the cricket-loving community.

The ‘yellow fever’ at Chepauk stadium is also about big business. Sponsors would have spent lakhs of rupees in activities such as brand promotions and other marketing plans for the CSK matches, besides organising match passes for their dealers, partners and other stakeholders.

The cancellation of the IPL matches in Chennai, this year, is a big loss for them.

According to a source who has direct knowledge of the activities at the stadium, the food outlets that serve snacks, food and beverages there clock revenues of Rs.15-20 lakh during one match. Besides, road-side vendors and eateries would also be losing out on an opportunity, he pointed out.

CSK matches are a great avenue for wider merchandise deals, both for organised and unorganised players. T-shirts and other accessories have always been in great demand among fans. “For Chennai fans, CSK matches are all about dressing up in yellow to flaunt their loyalty and cheer the players. They are unlikely to buy T-shirts or other accessories to wear at home,” said an official of a merchandising firm.

It is just not sponsors, hotels and other organisations associated with CSK matches who may lose some revenue. The Chennai matches have, in the past, provided some revenue for the government due to the requirements for police security and special transport arrangements, among others.

Sports stores bear the brunt


For traders on Wallajah Road, regarded as the one-stop location for sports enthusiasts, gloom is writ all over.

“We run our sports shops not just for business, but also for the sheer love of it. Firstly, we are disappointed that not even one IPL game is being held here, and second, it has hit our business very hard,” says Chandra Kumar Chopda of The Pavilion, a sports goods store.

The worst hit are the 30-odd permanent stores around the stadium. in addition to the many temporary shops, adds Mr. Chopda, who is also president of the Sports Goods Retailers Association of Tamil Nadu. During the IPL season, sales of t-shirts, wrist bands and caps result in business of nearly Rs.10 lakh, every day.