The Pavilion offers a great range of top branded tennis rackets including Head, Vector X, Prokennex and Wilson. Buy - High quality tennis rackets, balls and nets.

Head Tennis Rackets

Titanium 1000HEADRs 2,999Buy Now
MX Cyber TourHEADRs 4,175Buy Now
Ti Instinct CompHEADRs 4,175Buy Now
Titanium 3000HEADRs 4,599Buy Now
Titanium 3100HEADRs 4,799Buy Now
Ti Radical EliteHEADRs 5,199Buy Now
MX Spark EliteHEADRs 5,449Buy Now
MX Cyber EliteHEADRs 5,449Enquire
MX Cyber ProHEADRs 5,825Enquire
MX Attitude ProHEADRs 6,779Enquire
MX Pro LiteHEADRs 6,725Buy Now
MX Attitude TourHEADRs 6,699Buy Now
MX Spark TourHEADRs 6,699Buy Now
Liquidmetal RadicalHEADRs 9,645Enquire
Youtek IG Challenge LiteHEADRs 9,999Enquire
Titanium S6HEADRs 10,699Buy Now

Vector X Tennis Rackets

VXT 520 19" VECTOR XRs 1,029Buy Now
VXT 520 21" VECTOR XRs 1,089Buy Now
VXT 1050 21" VECTOR XRs 1,450Buy Now
VXT 520 23" VECTOR XRs 1,109Buy Now
VXT 1050 23" VECTOR XRs 1,550Enquire
VXT 520 25" VECTOR XRs 1,060Enquire
VXT 580 25" VECTOR XRs 1,060Enquire
VXB 1030 25" VECTOR XRs 1,220Enquire
VXT 1100 25" VECTOR XRs 1,500Enquire
VXT 1050 25" VECTOR XRs 1,600Enquire
VXT 520 26" VECTOR XRs 1,169Buy Now
VXT 520 27" VECTOR XRs 1,150Enquire
VXT 1040 27" VECTOR XRs 1,560Enquire
VXT 1050 27" VECTOR XRs 1,899Enquire

Wilson Tennis Rackets

US Open AdultWILSONRs 5,190Buy Now
US Open 25WILSONRs 2,390Buy Now
US Open 21WILSONRs 2,250Buy Now
Grand Slam XLWILSONRs 2,590Buy Now
Matchpoint XLWILSONRs 2,390Buy Now
Hammer LTWILSONRs 4,499Enquire
Federer 100WILSONRs 4,590Buy Now
Federer 110WILSONRs 3,590Buy Now
Nitro 100WILSONRs 5,590Buy Now
Hyper Prosoft without StringWILSONRs 7,699Enquire
N Six Two 113WILSONRs 7,989Enquire
Hyper ProsoftWILSONRs 8,860Enquire

Prokennex Tennis Rackets

Acclaim Gold 26"PROKENNEXRs 1,350Enquire
Shredder Ace 21"PROKENNEXRs 1,710Buy Now
Shredder Ace 23"PROKENNEXRs 1,760Buy Now
Hyper Ace PROKENNEXRs 2,550Buy Now
Star AcePROKENNEXRs 2,800Buy Now
Pearl AcePROKENNEXRs 2,900Buy Now
X-PlodePROKENNEXRs 2,999Buy Now
X-DrivePROKENNEXRs 2,999Enquire
Destiny Ti 265PROKENNEXRs 3,450Enquire
Destiny AcePROKENNEXRs 3,450Buy Now
Kevlar AcePROKENNEXRs 4,250Buy Now
Pl Ki SlingPROKENNEXRs 8,990Buy Now

Tennis Ball

Championship (Per Can 3 nos)PROKENNEXRs 199Enquire
Championship (Per Can 3 nos)COSCORs 360Buy Now
Championship (Per Can 3 nos)SLAZENGERRs 430Enquire
Australian Open (Per Can 3 nos)DUNLOPRs 625Buy Now

Tennis Net

Model 109-B (Nylon)KAY KAYRs 4,330Buy Now

Tennis String

Master 16LHEADRs 299Buy Now
Challenge 1.25mmHEADRs 599Buy Now
Challenge 1.30mmHEADRs 599Buy Now

Tennis Grip

Super CompHEADRs 599Buy Now
Dual AbsorbingHEADRs 499Buy Now