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Color Shirts

Dry Fit Design Color Half Sleeve (36 to 44)CENMAXRs 740Enquire
Dry Fit Design Color Half Sleeve 5513A (Size 36 to 44)CENMAXRs 675Enquire
TPD0059D(5581) Half Sleeve (36 to 44)CENMAXRs 725Buy Now
TPX0075D(5577) Half Sleeve (36 to 44)CENMAXRs 750Enquire
Chennai Super Kings Half Sleeves (Size 33 to 47)CSKRs 1,999Buy Now
Chennai Super Kings Training T Shirt 2023CSKRs 1,399Buy Now
Chennai Super Kings Travel Polo T-Shirt (Size S to XXL)CSKRs 1,299Buy Now
Chennai Super Kings Round Neck Half Sleeves (Size 8 to XXL)CSKRs 499Enquire
SLI (Size 38 to 44)RSERs 500Enquire
Cotton Color Half Sleeve (36 to 44)RSERs 350Enquire
Dry Fit Designed Color Half Sleeve (36 to 44)RSERs 350Enquire
Half Sleeve (S, M, L, XL)FOREVERRs 300Enquire
Full Sublimation Full Sleeve (S to 2XL)RNSRs 1450Enquire
Full Sublimation Half Sleeve (S to 2XL)RNSRs 1350Enquire
Half Sublimation Full Sleeve (S to 2XL)RNSRs 975Enquire
Half Sublimation Half Sleeve (S to 2XL)RNSRs 875Enquire
Adidas India Cricket ODI T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL)AdidasRs 4,999Buy Now
Adidas ODI Fan T-Shirt
(S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
AdidasRs 999Buy Now

Track Pants

Poly Cot Plain Junior (18 to 28)LEGENDRs 260Enquire
Poly Cot Plain Senior (28 to 42)LEGENDRs 300Enquire
Super Poly Designed Junior (24 to 28)LEGENDRs 300Enquire
Super Poly Designed Senior (28 to 46)LEGENDRs 350Enquire
Premium Senior (Size 32 to 44)RNSRs 655Enquire
Dry Fit (28 to 42)CENMAXRs 705Enquire
Dry Fit (28 to 42)CENMAXRs 825Enquire
TLDN0017D (5325A) (28 to 42) CENMAXRs 740Enquire
TLD0017D5315 Slim Fit (Size 3XL)CENMAXRs 770Enquire
Premium Design Senior (S to XL)SUPREMORs 635Enquire
Premium Design Senior (XXL)SUPREMORs 695Enquire
Premium Design Senior (3XL)SUPREMORs 755Enquire
Premium Design Senior (4XL)SUPREMORs 815Enquire
Premium Design Senior (5XL)SUPREMORs 875Enquire


Plain Junior (30 to 36)LEGENDRs 150Enquire
Plain Senior (38 to 44)LEGENDRs 175Enquire
Designed Junior (24 to 44)LEGENDRs 200Enquire
Dry Fit Senior (36 to 44)CENMAXRs 470Enquire
Dry Fit Senior (36 to 44)RNSRs 485Enquire
Colour with Sublimation (S to 2XL)RNSRs 850Enquire
CSPX0033D Pip Slim Fit Tennis ShortsCENMAXRs 665Enquire
M Ultra Flexo (L)SportiffRs 685Enquire
M Max Air (M to 2XL)SportiffRs 795Enquire
M Tech Flight (L)SportiffRs 795Enquire
M Run (M to 2XL)SportiffRs 830Enquire
M - Challenger (S, M, L, XL, XXL)SportiffRs 855Enquire
M Camo Boost 360SportiffRs 855Enquire
M Air RushSportiffRs 1090Enquire

Cricket Sweater

SleevelessDOMESTICRs 560Buy Now
Full SleeveDOMESTICRs 860Buy Now
Professional SleevelessSSRs 950Buy Now

Skin Fits

Cycling Plain Tights - SmallLYCOTRs 325Enquire
Cycling Plain Tights - (M, L)LYCOTRs 325Enquire
Cycling Plain Tights - (XL)LYCOTRs 375Enquire
Cycling Plain Tights - (2XL)LYCOTRs 460Enquire
Cycling Plain Tights - (2XS, XS)LYCOTRs 300Enquire
Full Tights Plain XSLYCOTRs 470Enquire
Full Tights Plain LLYCOTRs 475Enquire
Full Tights Plain - XL, 2XLLYCOTRs 545,495Enquire
Full Tights Plain - 3XLLYCOTRs 630Enquire
Skin Fits Plain - XXSLYCOTRs 470Enquire
Skin Fits Plain - XSLYCOTRs 470Enquire
Skin Fits Plain - SmallLYCOTRs 545Enquire
Skin Fits Plain - Medium, LargeLYCOTRs 560Enquire
Skin Fits Plain - XL, XXLLYCOTRs 620Enquire
Skin Fits Plain - XXXLLYCOTRs 695Enquire
Cycling Gel Padding Plain Tights - SmallLYCOTRs 1,065Enquire
Cycling Gel Padding Plain Tights - Medium, LargeLYCOTRs 1,170Enquire
Cycling Gel Padding Plain Tights - XL, XXLLYCOTRs 1,255Enquire
IconSGRs 1,149Enquire
CompressionSGRs 1,099Enquire


Sports Brief Supporter Colour (S, M, L, XL)YonkerRs 370Enquire
Sports Brief White (XS, S, M, L, XL)OMTEXRs 330Enquire
Sports Brief White (XXL)OMTEXRs 290Enquire
Sports Brief Colour (XS, S)OMTEXRs 315Enquire
Sports Brief Colour (M, L, XL)OMTEXRs 345Enquire
Sports Brief Colour (XXL)OMTEXRs 325Enquire
1.0 Brief Black (S, M, L, XL, XXL)EMRs 329Enquire
2.0 Brief Navy (S, M, XXL)EMRs 299Enquire


Ankle JuniorLEGENDRs 100Enquire
Ankle SeniorLEGENDRs 110Enquire
Full JuniorLEGENDRs 100Enquire
Full SeniorLEGENDRs 110Enquire
RunningEMRs 129Buy Now
Cricket SocksOMTEXRs 695Enquire

Track Suits

MaximusSSRs 3,200Enquire
Maximus Mesh LiningSSRs 3,200Enquire